Questions about warranty and repair

How long does a warranty or repair case last?

The duration of a repair depends on various factors, including, of course, the shipping time to China or the spare parts in Europe at our repair partners. 

Repair in Europe: If the spare parts are in stock, this can be done quite quickly. You make a warranty or repair request, send the device to our repair partner and it should be back to you within a week. In case of a warranty we take over the full costs, in case of a repair order out of warranty you save 5-20% with our repair partner. 

Repair in China: If the fault cannot be repaired in Europe, the device must be sent to China. Don't worry, we take care of the shipping to China and back. During the warranty period completely free of charge for you, for repairs outside the warranty period we charge a small fee. Usually a repair in China takes between 1-4 months. 

What do I do if my device is broken?

Let's keep calm. Please contact us by email, best via the customer area in our shop. We will then check the errors with you, because often are small software errors can also be solved very easily with an update. If it really is a hardware error, you can make a warranty claim. You will receive further instructions from us in the following.

In addition to the free shipping of your device to China or a EU partner and the free return of the device, we also offer the possibility to call on our repair partner in Europe for minor defects. This is much faster and completely free of charge for you during the warranty period.

Will I lose the warranty by flashing an update, rooting or unlocking the device?

This depends on the update. If it is an official update, you are welcome to install it. If you don't know how to do this, you can always contact us.

However, if you try to install a custom rom, or unlock the device, or if the device is too unlocked or too rooted (except for devices that are already unlocked or rooted, such as Xiaomi devices), it's very possible that the manufacturer will refuse the warranty. This must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

What if the device does not work or is defective or broken upon delivery?

If the device is already defective on receipt, please contact us immediately. We test all devices for functionality, but in rare cases it can happen that the goods are damaged during transport. In this case we will provide you with a new device free of charge and we will bear the shipping costs for the replacement and return delivery.

How long does my device have warranty?

Devices that you purchase from us usually have the manufacturer's warranty. This is 1 year for most companies, but do not worry, even after the warranty we will take care of your repair case. 

What is covered by the warranty?

The warranty at TradingShenzhen covers all ordered devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, which do not function properly within one year without the customer's intervention. This also applies to items that arrive defective at the customer.

Excluded from the warranty are accessories such as batteries, charging adapters, USB cables, headphones, SD cards, covers, foils etc. as well as all free accessories that are included in the package as a promo.

For failure and damage caused by external influences, accidental damage, changes made to the device, conversions, extensions, use of foreign parts, neglect, viruses or software errors, improper transport, improper packaging or loss when returning the device to TradingShenzhen, TradingShenzhen does not assume any warranty.

The warranty is void if the fault in the device is due to maintenance or repairs performed by someone other than the official manufacturer of the device or TradingShenzhen. The warranty is also void if any labels or serial numbers of the unit or any component of the unit have been altered or made illegible.

The warranty is also void if any labels or serial numbers of the unit or any component of the unit have been altered or made illegible.

If the repair should turn out to be a defect not covered by the warranty, TradingShenzhen reserves the right to charge the customer for the costs incurred in the form of a handling fee and the cost of repair for material and labor.

Not included in the warranty are errors caused by software updates of the manufacturer. If functions are restricted by this, this is not a reason for a warranty service. Also not included by warranty are water damages, they are never protected by any company. Not Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung or even Apple.

Do you also offer spare parts?

Sorry, not really. We have a few displays on the repair kits spare parts page, but unfortunately we can't offer more than that. For spare parts we recommend to have a look at Aliepxress. 

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