Are you fascinated by modern technology, do you know about smartphones, tablets and gadgets? Your voice is heard and do you have a loyal community? Then you are exactly who we are looking for! Together with you as an influencer, we would like to promote high-quality gadgets, smartphones, notebooks and tablets from China.

Who we are and what distinguishes us

TradingShenzhen is an online portal for China smartphones, notebooks, tablets and gadgets. We distinguish ourselves on the one hand by a large offer which otherwise is not available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. One of our strengths is the outstanding customer support. We offer personal advice, numerous how-to videos as well as tutorials. Thanks to our strong logistics partner, we are able to deliver the ordered goods to our customers within 2 to 5 days.

Who you are and what distinguishes you

Are you communicative, quick-witted and technology-oriented? Do you have a loyal and following community? Then, you are exactly who we are looking for! It does not matter if you could establish a successful YouTube channel or your own blog, you now have the chance to be active as a mouthpiece for us and our products. Benefit from a partnership with TradingShenzhen and deliver exciting content to your community around smartphones, tablets, notebooks and gadgets from China. We know exactly what tomorrow entails and that’s part of our knowledge. Even smaller communities are very interesting for us. If you feel concerned, write to us at partner@tradingshenzhen!

What you should send to us

Please let us have a short description of your channel or blog. What interest does your community pursue? How many subscribers and readers do you envisage? And, of course, we will like to know your name. We look forward to meeting you!

Write us just an email to [email protected]

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