Insurance for your new China, mobile phone or tablet

You want to buy a new mobile phone at TradingShenzhen, but do not have suitable insurance for your mobile phone? Do not worry: we have the solution for you! TradingShenzhen works closely with Schutzklick mobile phone insurance. Schutzklick provides the perfect all-round smartphone protection for your smartphone. If something breaks down, you can register your damage by clicking on it and quickly perform the repair.



Convincing arguments

Besides the smartphone all-round protection and the fast repair in the event of damage, Schutzklick also offers free customer service. With TradingShenzhen you can register the insurance directly in the order process. Should you have missed this opportunity or economized on it, Schutzklick will not leave you hanging: the insurance can be repurchased up to three months after the purchase of your new Smartphone at TradingShenzhen.

What does Schutzklick cover?

  • Fire damage

  • Shock and impact damage

  • User errors: Flash, bootloader, recovery problems and / or OTA update issues

  • Lightning strikes and other electrical damage

  • Water damage

  • Touchscreen defect and display break

No subscription

Probably the most important argument for Schutzklick: it is not a subscription. You can choose freely whether your insurance should be completed for one or two years. Subsequently, the contract ends, without being extended by itself. You do not need to fear long contract terms or hidden costs!

TÜV judges it with "GOOD"

Good compliments for the service do not only find us or Schutzklick itself: The German TÜV judges the service with 1.9 ("good") and also the price-performance ratio the mobile phone insurance receives a good 1.9 in school marks. 827 reviews on eKomi, which together give a thumbs up, cannot be wrong (as of March 2017). Schutzklick is indisputably the number one cell phone insurance when it comes to your faithful companion

Do not leave anything to chance

A new smartphone or tablet is always a great purchase. Some plunder their smartphones, others do yield some luxury. Even if you take care so well of your device: an involuntary fall can have expensive consequences. You can prevent high costs due to damage or loss. Try it. Protection click is available for customers in Germany and Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Italy and France.

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