Plant a tree with us

Mir Treedom protect the environment

With Treedom we finance and support small farmers for the care of the trees in the first years of life, when they are not yet bearing fruit. Treedom provides the smallholders with the necessary know-how and offers technical support for the planting and care of the trees. Once planted, the trees are photographed, geolocalized and regularly checked by Treedom.

CO2 binding

The creation of small agroforestry systems enables Treedom to respond precisely to the needs of each project area and to make appropriate decisions regarding the tree species to be planted, taking into account local environmental factors. In addition to planting exclusively indigenous plants and/or reintroducing specific plant species after severe deforestation, Treedom attaches great importance to the sustainable use of resources and soils. In this way, local ecosystems are strengthened in the long term and an essential contribution is made to the protection of biodiversity. Ultimately, however, all trees have one thing in common: in the course of their life they bind CO2 and thus - quite naturally - benefit the entire planet.

Discount on each donation as a shopping voucher!

Help us protect the environment and bind the CO2. Just click on our company Treedom page and donate a tree. Which one is up to you. Each donation in our forest will be returned by a part of the donation amount as a voucher in our shop. Together we can plant a huge forest and improve the environment.


We donate with every order

We make orders special

Click on "Order" to get a new China smartphone, tablet or gadget into your home. At least that's how it was until now. TradingShenzhen has decided, starting in July 2017, to donate 10 cents for every order to a charity organization. In the course of this permanent campaign we will support various institutions with the money you automatically donate. It does not matter whether you buy a China cell phone, a display protection film or a new Xiaomi notebook from TradingShenzhen. We will of course communicate transparently which organizations receive money from us. With every click on "Order" you make sure that our monthly donation amount grows. But don't worry: the purchase price will not increase due to this action. You will pay the same amount as without the donation campaign.
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Also with a cancellation you will donate

You have changed your mind and cancelled your smartphone in time? No problem: TradingShenzhen will still donate the 10 cents of your order. We firmly believe in making the world a better place with our contribution and we are ready to make this possible even with cancellations. So don't be afraid to cancel your order despite your donation. Of course you can also ask us to donate a part of your donation. In doing so, you decide whether to keep the 10 cents or to donate more.

You have questions?

You would like to know something else about our campaign, have suggestions or would like to participate in a donation even without an order? Just write to our support and we will put you in touch with the right contact person. We look forward to working with you to make the world a better place! You don't know yet what your order at TradingShenzhen might contain? Feel free to browse through our online store for China smartphones, tablets and notebooks. We also carry small gadgets like USB-C headphones or the MiBand 2, so there really is something for everyone!

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