Our repair service in Germany, Austria and Poland

Many Chinese shops require a shipment back to China for each repair. Not with us: TradingShenzhen successfully relies on the services of our repair service partners. The advantages are obvious: you can send the device to an European address, where professionals can look at your device. The best: All employees speak English/German and understand without Google Translate. Misunderstandings due to bad translations are not an issue. Many defects can easily be repaired in Europe. This saves costs for the sending and return and nerves during the reimport and above all other things: time. Unfortunately not every device is repairable in Europe, then you can rely on our warranty/repair processing via China. This will take longer, but we will cover the full cost, so you should usually have your device back within 1-3 months.*

Processing time of up to one day

Not every customer has a second smartphone at hand to bridge lengthy repairs in China. The experience with our repair partners shows that: our customers receive their smartphone back in 9 out of 10 cases twice as fast again, as a repair directly from the manufacturer. Depending on the defect, devices can be repaired on the first day of repair. The lead-time, during which you cannot use your smartphone, is thus pleasantly short. Should it take longer, contact us: We offer our customers a free rental handy service. This means every customer has the right to a loaner device. This may be used by the customer over the entire repair and will incur, apart from the return costs within Germany (4,99 €), within Europe (13,99€) no further costs.

Highest standards

At our repair partners, your device is in good hands. In the past years, our partners has been able to prove himself with top of the line repairs that no manufacturer could have done more quickly. The repair team has many years of experience in the smartphone, tablet and even notebook repair. The repair professionals are very well equipped to make your device whole again.

Our repair partners use first-class equipment and materials to make your smartphone, tablet or notebook work as it should on the first day after a repair. Has your smartphone ever suffered from more rather than less defects after a repair? This will not happen to you with our reliable support partner. A team with strict quality control will do everything possible to solve your repair order to your full satisfaction.

And that's how easy it is:

  1. The customer sends the device (Please pay attention to the packaging!)
  2. The unit is accepted and checked by our repair partner
  3. Our repair partner performs the repair
  4. Quality control checks your device
  5. After successful repair, the device is sent back to the customer

If your device is still in warranty, TradingShenzhen will pay for the repair. Your device is a bit older? No problem: Even after the warranty expiration, we will not let you down. In case of repair by our partner, you as a TradingShenzhen customer will get a discount on all repairs.

*there are exceptions, because transportation to China is very large and complicated. A device with internal battery may only be transported as dangerous goods, which may increase the shipping time.

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