Customers of TradingShenzhen are granted full Warranty from the manufacturer. This is valid for one year from the date of the order (excl. Shipping time from abroad to China). We are still available for repairs outside the Warranty period at a reasonable price.


1.1 Warranty scope

TradingShenzhen Warranty covers all devices ordered, such as: Mobile phones or tablets that do not function properly within a year after order without the customer's intervention. This also applies to items that arrive damaged to the customer.

The Warranty does not include accessories such as, Batteries, charge adapters, USB cables, SD cards, covers, transparencies etc. as well as all free accessories, which are attached to the package as promo.

TradingShenzhen is not liable for damages caused by external factors, accidental damage, alteration, modifications, extensions, use of external part, negligence, viruses or software errors, improper transport, improper packaging or loss of the equipment.

The Warranty will be void if the defectiveness of the device is being caused by bad maintenance or repairs carried out by someone other than the official manufacturer of the device. The Warranty is void if the sticker or serial number of the device or a component of the device has been altered or rendered illegible.

If, during the repair, the device gets damaged, it will not be covered by the Warranty, TradingShenzhen reserves the right to charge the costs incurred in the form of handling fee as well as the costly repair for material and payment for services rendered.

Warranty does not cover errors caused by software updates from the manufacturer. Should functions be restricted, this will not be a reason for a Warranty.

1.2 Xiaomi Warranty inspection

In the case of Xiaomi devices, the Warranty period can easily be checked via the Imei.info Website. To do this, enter the IMEI in the first field and the serial number of the Xiaomi device in the second field. The third field is a security query. If this is completed and the form has been confirmed you can see when the Xiaomi device was purchased. There is a one year Warranty from the purchase date..

1.3 Guaranty regulations and settlement of complaints

  1. Please do not make a PayPal-conflict case! Buyer's protection is only valid in the event of non-compliance or deviation of the item’s description, so the purchase price would not be reimbursed. TradingShenzhen, will only be able to send a replacement device after closing the PayPal conflict.

  2. First, contact our support ([email protected])). Never send a device back to us without explicitly discussing with our support. Our support will explain the further process in detail. Devices which are returned without noticing us will not be accepted by us and will be returned to you only after the payment of the shipping costs.

  3. Before you return the device, please check which part is defective. There are certain sources of error that should be excluded, as they can be corrected quickly and easily by software updates or repairs in Germany. If the equipment e.g. does not turn on, the battery should be charged first and a replacement battery may be requested. Also a damaged USB socket of the device can be repaired quickly in Germany or Austria. Software problems can be solved by a flash of the original firmware. If we cannot provide you with a fast on-site solution, a shipment to China will be made.

  4. Contact our support and they will explain the further process to you. In some cases, our support team will ask you to create photos of the damaged device, these is necessary for clarifying the problem from afar. For easy processing, you can simply attach the damaged device photographs to your e-mail.

  5. Please enclose an error description with your return. When packing the product, be sure to use a good padding to avoid damage during transport. If necessary, pack the device even into a small carton and then into a larger carton. The Post in China is not squeamish with cardboard boxes.

  6. We will inform you by e-mail of the cheapest and fastest way to send the package to China without prejudice. This varies depending on the size, the duration of the shipment and the country. Of course, you can also use shipping methods without tracking number, but we only recommend shipping methods with tracking number. These are much safer and also allow a loss compensation against the shipping service provider in the event of a loss.

  7. Always tell us the tracking number immediately after shipping. Please note that shipping to China may take up to three weeks.

  8. After reception of the gadget, it will be sent directly to the respective manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, the processing time of the repairs is approximately three days to one month, this is just an estimate. TradingShenzhen has no influence on the actual processing time of the manufacturer. As soon as we receive feedback on your device, you will be informed by e-mail.

  9. When the repair is completed by the manufacturer, your device will be returned to you by DHL Express.

  10. 10. TradingShenzhen has no influence on the import turnover tax to the customs. However, we declare that the device as a "repaired device" and as a rule, no charges are incurred. In exceptional cases, a small import turnover tax must be paid.

1.4 Return costs

Please note that we do not pay for the returning costs from the country of the customer (Germany, Austria, etc.) to China. We will not reimburse customs duties. TradingShenzhen pays only the cost of shipping to the manufacturer. After successful repair, we return the gadget to you. The shipping back to the customer is free of charge with Global Priority (14 days shipping time).


2.1 Repair

Damages, such as “display break” through falling of the device is not covered by the Warranty, but the device can be repaired by us. This also applies to damage caused after the Warranty period. In order to provide you with services for the repair, we will ask you to exactly describe the damage. The further processing takes place as in a Warranty case, with the difference that it is not repaired by the official manufacturer, but by an external service provider.

During the repair of the device it may be necessary to delete all data from the device. Make sure you have a backup copy of all data on the device before sending it. It is expressly pointed out that in the event of repair, the delivery condition is restored. TradingShenzhen accepts no liability for the costs of software configuration, loss of revenue, loss of data or software or any other consequential damages.

Please remember to remove all passwords or locking patterns from the device so that it can be easily repaired without any problem, but if a repair is not possible due to a safety measure by you, the costs of return and delivery will be collected. If a consultation is necessary due to password, the processing time of your repair will be enormously delayed.

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