Warranty, of the highest standards

Our service at TradingShenzhen is of the utmost importance to us: has an error occurred in your device? Experience shows that many problems can be solved by the customer. We offer examples of the e-mail exchanges to eliminate the problems described by the customer. We offer you English or German support, which provides you with answers to your questions free of any translation software such as Google Translator. There are no language barriers, which are, sometimes typical for many other Chinese shops.

Of course, not every damage can be eliminated with a soft or a hard reset. But our support does not end there either. Our tips did not help you? No problem: we will look more closely at the device in Germany, Austria or Poland, in order to limit the damage and to make the repair as convenient as possible.

This is how easily it works:

No matter if the mobile speaker has ceased working or if the USB port is damaged or broken - a guarantee is always annoying. We want to help you make your smartphone whole again, and quickly. With some preparations, you can speed up this process. This is the typical process of a guarantee call:

  • rite us a ticket that includes
    • Purchase date
    • Order number
    • It is advisable to let us know if the device was not purchased from us
    • Error description
    • Photos of the defect and / or detailed photographs of the device (front and back, as well as the four sides of the device)***
    • Information about the steps that you have undertaken, in order to rule out a software error
  • We process the ticket and will ask questions if necessary
  • Try out our tips and consider leaving us a feedback

In the best case, the problem is a software error, which can be solved quickly. If this is not the case, let us take a look at the unit in Germany, Austria or Poland and arrange for the repair. Customer outside from Europe have to send the device directly to Hong Kong.

Who will repair your device?

TradingShenzhen relies on partners in Germany, Austria or Poland for small repair jobs. These partners often have spare parts and the necessary know-how to carry out such repairs. If the repair can be carried out at one of our partners, you will usually have the device back quickly.

In some cases, it is advisable to have the device repaired directly by the manufacturer. In this case, we redirect it to its respective manufacturers and make sure that the device gets back to you as soon as possible. They do not charge any costs during the warranty: TradingShenzhen will take care of the return shipment costs.

And that's how easy it is:

  1. The customer sends the device (Please pay attention to the packaging!)
  2. The unit is accepted and checked by our repair partner
  3. The repair partner performs the repair
  4. Quality control checks your device
  5. After successful repair, the device will be sent back to the customer

If your device still falls under warranty, TradingShenzhen will pay for the repair. Is your device a little bit older? No problem: Even after the warranty coverage end, we will not let you down. In case of repair by our partner, you, as a TradingShenzhen customer will get a discount on all repairs.

* * If the spare part is available.
** Usually € 4.99 in Germany and usually in Europe 13,99€. Please ensure proper padding and protection for the loan unit. TradingShenzhen will charge you for any damage caused by unsuitable shipping methods.
*** Cloud storage is suitable for this. Simply send us the shared link, for example to the Dropbox folder.

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