Listening to music anytime and anywhere - The bluetooth speakers from Xiaomi and Meizu make it possible. The compact speaker offer an integrated rechargeable battery and other practical functions.

Mi Digital Series Journey Kit

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The Mi Digital Series Journey Kit is a must-have for all fans of the Xiaomi flagship smartphones. The set consists of a display that shows the Xiaomi Mi Flagships released so far, from the Mi 1 to the Xiaomi 13. The total of 12 replicas have been covered with aluminum alloy and measure 23 x 46 mm and 27 x 57 mm respectively. The back has been provided with precise CNC cuts that hint at the camera modules.

Xiaomi Sound Move Bluetooth Speaker

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The Xiaomi Sound Move speaker impresses with 4 speaker units, 360°degree all-round sound quality, Harman AudioFX tuning and up to 90db sound pressure level. The whole thing can be connected with Bluetooth 5.3 or even controlled via AI Assistant (Chinese). The large 4150mAh battery lasts for an incredible 21 hours of playback and can be quickly charged via Fast Charging and USB C.

Xiaomi Sound Pro - Smart Speaker - 7 Drivers -...

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The Xiaomi Sound Pro is a smart speaker that can be connected via Bluetooth 5.1, dual-band WiFi or via cable. NFC and Apple AirPlay 2 allow for easy connection. The speaker is equipped with 7 drivers that enable 360-degree sound and have been optimized by Harman. At the same time, the audiophile gadget offers LED lighting and control buttons on the housing. Can be combined with other Xiaomi Sound Pro speakers

IMPORTANT CHINESE SPEAK + ONLY BLUETOOTH + 3.5mm connection possible

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Xiaomi Wireless QI Charge Bluetooth Speaker -...

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The Xiaomi Wireless Charge Bluetooth speakers can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 or with Xiaomi Fast Connect via NFC. The device can be charged simultaneously with up to 30 W via Wireless Charge. The Bluetooth speaker offers two 5W drivers including bass amplifier.

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