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Which LTE networks do China Smartphones support?

Most Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus and Meizu smartphones support band 1 and 3 ( frequency 1800MHz and 2100MHz ). This is sufficient for LTE reception in most EU countries.

In Germany, LTE is also transmitted in band 20 (frequency 800 MHz). This frequency is used by some providers in rural areas and so you will usually be downgraded to HDSP+ / UMTS. Global versions of the devices also offer band 20 (frequency 800MHz).

What is the difference between a normal SIM, Nano SIM and Micro SIM card?

There are different sizes for SIM cards. The very old SIM cards had a quite large format, were replaced by Micro SIM cards, which are a bit smaller and recently there are also Nano SIM cards. Special Apple relies on Nano SIM cards.

There are also adapters for the individual cards, but we always recommend to use the size that is needed in the phone. Usually you can order a Micro or Nano SIM card for free from your provider.

Is an user manual enclosed with the ordered device?

Most Chinese manufacturers only include a Chinese quick start guide, but even renowned manufacturers such as Motorola or Apple do not provide complete manuals these days.

It is generally assumed that you explore the system yourself. With MIUI or Emotion UI it is very easy to find your way around, because both Android interfaces are quite self-explanatory. If you take a little more time with it, you will also find the little secret features.

Stock Android smartphones usually have a small guide during the first setup (software-based).

Are the smartphones offered by Tradingshenzhen SIM lock free?

Our devices are SIM lock free. This means you can use a SIM card from a provider of your choice and are therefore completely free to choose your provider.

What does SIM-Lock mean?

A distinction is made here between SIM Lock and Net Lock

Net-Lock means that if you buy a device from e.g. Vodafone, you can only use Vodafone SIM cards with it.

SIM-Lock means, if you buy a device with SIM-Lock, for example a prepaid package from a provider, you can use the purchased smartphone with only the supplied card. This was the case, for example, with Telekom devices or many prepaid packages. But never with single devices that were sold without a prepaid or contract.

Meanwhile SIM- and Net-Lock have been largely abolished, or if you still get devices with SIM- or Net-Lock, then they are mostly prepaid packages.

In our shop only devices WITHOUT SIM-Lock and Net-Lock are sold.

What languages are available on the devices?

We usually only offer devices that support at least German as language. But it also depends on the Rom you choose when ordering.

For Xiaomi devices there is often only the official Chinese / English Rome at the beginning. Later on, German or Multilangual usually follows with the Global ROM or Rome provided by Xiaomi.

For devices of the brands OnePlus, Realme and Meizu it is always different. Usually these companies bring the German language with them. But please pay attention to the language under the technical details.

Devices from the EU stock are only available as Multilingual. This means that all common languages are available on the devices.

Do the smartphones in Europe work without problems?

All smartphones and tablets that offer mobile internet and phone calls work without problems in Germany & Co. We also only offer devices that work without problems in European countries and the rest of the world.

There are China Mobile versions, but we do not offer them. If you need a corresponding China version, please contact us or note this need in the corresponding order.

How good is the quality of China smartphones, tablets and gadgets?

This is very different. We have set ourselves the goal of offering only high-quality devices. In this way we want to avoid that over time errors occur which frustrate the customer.

China technique has improved considerably in recent years and, as you can see from the example of Xiaomi, is one of the best you can get at the moment.

Other shops have the device with German, why not you?

Many other shops use retailers in Rome and can therefore offer German and other languages on the devices. The problem with such merchants in Rome is that you can't update and it often happens that there are trojans, spamware or viruses on the devices. We avoid this by using only the official Roms, even if this means that we can offer a device only with English / Chinese.

Many customers then come to us and ask us if we can flash their devices, where we unfortunately have to decline. The dealers of Rome have been installed via detours and often prevent a normal update or flashing.

However, we offer every customer help with the official flashing or updating and have written detailed tutorials for this.

Trojan horse on Xiaomi devices, even at TradingShenzhen?

NO, definitely not with us We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the offered devices. We check every device for errors and play it with new and current official Roms. We use the latest official Xiaomi Roms or Roms. There are no trojans, viruses or other malware on them.

Many other shops use retailers in Rome and can therefore offer German and other languages on the devices. The problem with such merchants in Rome is that you can't update and it often happens that there are Torjans, Spamware or viruses on the devices. We avoid this by using only the official Roms, even if this means that we can offer a device only with English / Chinese.

As also mentioned in the ComputerBild article here, we are mentioned as one of the few trustworthy shops.

Are Google Apps pre-installed on newer Huawei devices and will they even be preserved when updating?

As far as it is still possible for us after the Huawei ban, which emanates from the USA, we preinstall all common Google Apps and services for you. However, we cannot promise you that these will still work with a new update. However, we always do everything we can to help you with such a problem.

If you need to reset your new Huawei device, the Google Apps must be reinstalled as well. You can find instructions on how to do this in our shop under the tab Service / Tutorials.

If you are not necessarily dependent on Google's apps, you don't need to worry anyway, as Huawei has its own App Store, or you can get your apps from many other sources, such as or

Do the notebooks offered on TradingShenzhen have a QWERTY or QWERTZ keyboard installed?

All our offered notebooks come with a QWERTY keyboard. However, you can usually order a QWERTZ rubber keyboard mat for most laptops. 

Which Windows version is installed on the notebooks?

Our notebooks are delivered with the Chinese Windows 10 Home Edition. If you want to have a German Windows 10, you have to choose this when ordering. In addition to your order you will receive a stick with a English Windows 10 Pro version + license. But this costs a small extra charge. 

RES2k Mobile or RES2k doesn't work, what now?

Usually it is often simply due to the Micro SD card. This could be loose and therefore we recommend as a first tip to remove the micro SD card and insert it again. Furthermore, the RES2k Mobile sometimes runs out of batteries. Here a change helps. If everything does not help, just send us a mail to [email protected]

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