Here you can find the latest tutorials for a clean installation of the Google Play Store and its service apps. Many China smartphones come without Google Play Store pre-installed. It is usually an easy task to install it. TradingShenzhen ships almost all devices with the Play Store pre-installed, but should a factory reset occur, the Play Store is unfortunately no longer there. We will explain step by step how to install it again.

NOTE: We do not guarantee the installation of the Play Store. Some devices do not support Google installation and never will.


Usually, all Google service files and apps are already included on current China smartphones. Google Calendar Sync, Account Manager, Service and so on are pre-installed. The only file that is missing is the Play Store. 
You can always get the latest version on 

1. the correct Play Store version

Visit the site and enter "Play Store" in the search field at the top. You will usually find several versions there. Important, do not take the Android TV version. Now click on the Download button -> then on "See Available Downloads" and select the version that has UNIVERSAL and a gray icon in the APK. 
Just download and install it on your device and you're done.


Google Installer is only used with old devices, that doesn't have any Google Services. This Tutorials is outdated, but we add it here, if you still have an old China Smartphone. 

1. App installation

  • First, download the Google Installer app above and install it.
  • As a rule, Google will ask for permission to install the app and later to write to the memory. This should be granted to the app, otherwise it cannot install any other apps.
  • Now you can start the app.

2. Google Installer start

  • In the app, click on the big round button at the bottom.
  • Now the installation of all Google Apps and their service starts. As a rule, the process runs like this, you always confirm the installation and click on finished after the installation, do not open.
  • At the end, the installation should be 100% complete and you can now delete the Google Installer.

3. Fix possible problems

  • It may happen that during the installation, a certain app cannot be installed. Usually this is Google Play Service. The error message tells you that a newer version is installed. If this is the case, then you do not need the Google Installer, then all apps are already pre-installed. The only app you need is the Google Play Store. You can always find the latest official version on
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