Morelocale 2 - change the language of Play Store apps without root (to every language)

We show you in this little guide how to change the Android language for the Google Apps on every Android Smartphone or Tablet. Normally this is only possible with root rights, but you can give the Morelocale 2 app the rights with an ADB command without having root.

This guide is general and can be used on any Android device.  We will perform the installation as an example on a Xiaomi smartphone.



FILE INFO: Please download and unzip the complete zip on your PC.

DRIVERS INFO: If you have problems detecting the Android device, we recommend installing the „General Android ADB Drivers„. Usually these are already on your PC or are installed automatically by Windows. 


  • You open the settings app and go all the way down to the bottom „About Phone“.
  • Usually there is an option called "Status Info" or "Version Info" where you click on
  • At the end it is written the Firmware Build Version of the device 
  • Now you click 5-6 times on the firmware version of your device. This will activate the Developer Mode.
  • You can usually find it by going back, clicking on "Additional Settings" and scrolling down to the bottom or just search in Settings.
  • There you click on "Developer options" and activate „USB Debugging“.

    XIAOMI: For Xiaomi devices, you also have to activate "Install via USB" and, if necessary, "USB debugging security" to install the app later. For this you have to log in to your Mi account. 

    OPPO: For Oppo devices you have to scroll complete down in the Developer Settings to the option "Disable permission monitoring" and activate it

    We have prepared some example pictures for you on Xiaomi and the last on the Oppo device.


You can install Morelocale 2 via USB debugging (we included it in the download package) or simply download it from the Play Store. You can find the app in the Play Store under the following link Morelocale2 App.

  • You connect your device to the PC and should already see the message "Allow USB debugging", accept this and check the box "Always allow from this computer". If this haven't appeard on your phone, it will when you start the first script. Than please accept it and allow it, so ADB can run. If this haven't appeard also, just plug out and in your device again into your PC.
  • Now start the file "01_install_morelocale.bat" and follow the instructions on the screen. The App will ask for permission to install it, just allow it.
  • When everything is ready Morelocale 2 should be installed on your device.


If you have downloaded the app from the Play Store and connect the device via USB for the first time, the message "Allow USB debugging" will appear. Accept it and check the box "Always allow from this computer".

  • Connect your device to the PC and start now the "02_grant_permission.bat. 
  • Follow the instructions and after that Morelocale 2 should have the required rights.
  • Now open Morelocale 2 and choose your preferred language. 
  • All apps you now download from the Play Store will run in the desired language.

The system and all system maps, such as settings, gallery, camera and phone remain in English. The apps you download from the Google Play Store, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram & Co, will all be available in you chosen language. Since these are used by 95% of the users in everyday life, the English system language is no longer such a disadvantages.

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