Why we test the equipment before shipment?

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For you technology fans

Hello, technology fan! If you're reading this, you've probably already bought something from us or are planning to do so. We offer not only high-quality and premium China smartphones and high-end laptops and tablets, but everything that makes the tech-loving heart beat faster. And that's exactly why we at TradingShenzhen take the extra effort to test and check every device before it lands in your hands.


Many wonder, are our smartphones, tablets or laptops used? NO! We can assure you directly. Our devices always receive a test certificate that shows exactly what has been tested on the device. In order for the customer to be able to track everything, the service employee signs the inspection slip. We also often install the Google Play Store (if necessary) and uninstall China bloatware.

We can assure you that our goods are guaranteed NEW and come from the manufacturer itself or from a trusted dealer. 

Now some customers ask, why do we test the devices? We would like to explain that here.

Reasons for testing

Ensure premium quality

When you invest in brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Asus or Samsung, you are not just paying for the brand name. You pay for the promise of quality, performance and innovation. We know that, and that is why we make sure with our tests that every device, be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet, lives up to this promise. Manufacturers do a good job with their tests, but we go one step further.

For us, it's cheaper to assign 1 employee to test than to have a single DOA (Dead On Arrival) device a month. The cost of return shipping and handling is higher than the cost of testing.

Build trust

We're not just another online store. We are a community of tech lovers and value the trust you place in us. By testing each device, we don't just ensure its functionality; we build a bond of trust with you. When you unbox an Oppo or Vivo smartphone from TradingShenzhen, you can rest assured that it has passed our rigorous quality checks. Removing bloatware and installing Google Play Store is also part of the extra service.

Avoid possible inconvenience

Let's face it; no one likes receiving a faulty device, going through the return process and waiting for a replacement. It's a waste of time for you and us. By testing every device, we significantly reduce the chance of you receiving a defective gadget. This means you can get straight into enjoying your new Nubia or ZTE device without fear of major problems.

Staying ahead in the competitive market

The tech market is fiercely competitive, with new gadgets hitting the market almost daily. To stand out, we need to offer more than just the latest gadgets. We need to offer peace of mind. By testing every product, uninstalling the bloatware, and installing the Play Store for you, we make sure you get the best of the best and set us apart from other retailers. China smartphones aren't always easy, but we make it an "arrive, unbox and enjoy" experience for everyone.

Celebrating the best of Chinese innovation

China's tech scene is booming, with brands like Xiaomi and Oppo at the forefront. By meticulously testing these devices, we're not just ensuring quality; we're celebrating the innovation and craftsmanship these brands bring to the table. Den, although Samsung and Apple lead the market in the West, the real innovation in recent years has come from China. Whether it's thin hinges on foldables, or 1-inch camera sensors, or Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors 2 times the size. Innovation lives through China smartphones.

We can assure you that our smartphones, tablets, notebooks are NEW, but each device is meticulously tested. 

Each device comes with a test sheet that shows what has been tested. Additionally, we try to uninstall any bloatware and install the Play Store. 

In the end, we do all this for you so that you get a perfect device, free of bugs and ready to use.



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