What is the difference between locked / unlocked bootloader?

In der Regel werden bei uns alle Geräte mit einer China / EN Firmware Version als locked versendet. In manchen Fällen gibt es auch Geräte mit einer globalen Firmware Versionen als unlocked. EU Versionen, die man direkt aus dem EU Lager kauft, sind in der Regel alle locked.

Locked Firmware = The bootloader is locked and you can only reopen it by binding the device to a Mi account. This is usually needed to install custom roms or alternative firmware versions. A locked firmware has no disadvantage and all services and apps work without problems.

Unlocked Firmware = The bootloader is unlocked and custom roms or alternative firmware versions can be installed without problems. Since Xiaomi has changed the process, most China devices with Global Firmware are unlocked. The only drawback at the moment is that this firmware cannot be unlocked again and Google Pay does not work. Apps like Netflix, Pokemon or Banking Apps have no influence on this. They usually work.

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