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Questions about software and firmware updates

What is the difference between locked / unlocked bootloader?

In der Regel werden bei uns alle Geräte mit einer China / EN Firmware Version als locked versendet. In manchen Fällen gibt es auch Geräte mit einer globalen Firmware Versionen als unlocked. EU Versionen, die man direkt aus dem EU Lager kauft, sind in der Regel alle locked.

Locked Firmware = The bootloader is locked and you can only reopen it by binding the device to a Mi account. This is usually needed to install custom roms or alternative firmware versions. A locked firmware has no disadvantage and all services and apps work without problems.

Unlocked Firmware = The bootloader is unlocked and custom roms or alternative firmware versions can be installed without problems. Since Xiaomi has changed the process, most China devices with Global Firmware are unlocked. The only drawback at the moment is that this firmware cannot be unlocked again and Google Pay does not work. Apps like Netflix, Pokemon or Banking Apps have no influence on this. They usually work.

Hi, as I understand the phones come with Google Services and Apps pre installed. What if I will need do system factory restore, will I loose Google Services?

Yes, but installation is pretty easy and we help. 

What does OTA Updates mean?

OTA means Over The Air and means that updates can be downloaded and installed easily via WLAN. You don't have to download Rome and install it in a complicated way, but always get the latest updates via the download.

What is the difference between the stable and developer versions of Xiaomi?

On the one hand there is the stable rom. This is the official and recommended rom version by the manufacturer. The stable version comes out every 2-3 months and does not offer root privileges.

Then there is the Developer Editon (= German developer version). This is actually, as the name already says, intended for developers. It does not differ much from the stable, but you get weekly updates. This version is just as stable as the other one, but offers the possibility of root privileges (by unlocking the bootloader).

What about updates for China Smartphones?

This mostly depends on the name recognition and size of the manufacturer. Meizu or Xiaomi devices are more likely to receive an update than a completely new and small manufacturer. We take care in our product selection that we only offer high-quality devices that are also regularly updated. Xiaomi devices often receive weekly updates and have adapted the latest Android version quite quickly. Meizu, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo or Realme also offer the latest updates very quickly.

These can then be OTA (Over The Air), or must be downloaded and then installed with the Updater App.

If your device should not receive an update (any more) directly from the manufacturer, it is worth taking a look at the community: on needrom.com, for example, Rome's private developers regularly upload their own updates. This also affects devices whose support has been discontinued. But please pay attention to the compatibility to your device.

Where can I get updates for my Xiaomi devices?

Either via OTA (= Over The Air dt. directly via the device itself) or via our site. Your smartphone will alert you to the upcoming or possible installation, but you can choose the time of installation yourself.

Of course you can also find these updates in the well-known forums like Xiaomi.eu, download them and install them yourself. Xiaomi also publishes updates every Friday at the Developer Rom.

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