Mate 40 / Mate 40 Pro LZPlay China Version

The LZPlay method has been around since the Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro and still works. It has become much easier and if you follow the instructions, everything should work. There is also a new method with the Dual Display app, but it has more drawbacks and many things do not work there.

Most Google apps work without any problems. Maps, Mail, Youtube, Chrome and many other apps that rely on the Google service.

IMPORTANT!!! What does not work?

  • - Google Pay does not work
  • - Push notifications do not work
  • - No alternative launcher possible


We have already packed everything together and thank tserv95's instructions on XDA. Please just download the package to your smartphone and unpack it there. Huawei's file manager also a way to unzip. 

1. LZPlay install

After downloading, we extract the file Huawei(Google Gms Install Pack).zip best in the download folder. There the folders are numbered. 

First we go to the folder "O1_Folder" and extract the file "" directly into the root directory (the top level, no subfolder). If necessary you will get a message that a folder has to be overwritten (backup). Please confirm this. 

2. then, in the system settings Date And Time, we need to change the date to June 1, 2020, a necessary step for the LZ Play app (The Blue G App) to work again. Once this is done, we go to Settings and simply type Backup or Restore in the search at the top. We are then in the Backup app and can click on the 3 dots at the top right here. From here, we should see the old backup from December 2019 and please import that. The password is at the bottom as a note, but it is also "a12345678".

3. the LZPLay app is installed and the option "as administrator" should be activated. 

4. now open the LZPlay app (A blue G) and click the blue button below. The app will work a bit and now you can run the app in the background. Just swipe up when gestures are on. 

5. now you can go back to the date and time and set it to automatic. 

6. at last you restart the phone once.

2. Google install

Next, we install the Google services.

1. in the file manager, go to the folder "02_Folder" and install the Micro G app there. 

Next, go to Settings and select "User Accounts" and choose a new Google account. If that doesn't work, open the Micro G app should work as well. 

3. now enter the user information for the Google account, username and password and click "I agree". Then you should be taken to the Google account. 

4. now in the folder "O3_Folder" install the Google Play Store, it is the file "4.apk".

5. after that install Google Service Framework "7.apk" and Google Account Manager "6.apk".

6. now open the Google Play Store and keep it open in the background. Just go back to the homescreen without closing the app. 

7. now we uninstall the app "Micro G App" and go to the folder "O3_Folder" and install the Google Play Service "3.apk".

8. now we close the Google Play Store, open it again and press "repeat" until we are in the Play Store. If the store does not load even after several attempts, we restart the device, open the Google Play Store again and press "refresh" until it loads.

3. Google optimize

We are almost done! Now next we fix the error "Google Play Protect Not Certified" :)

1. we switch the device to airplane mode so that no data is used during this step, otherwise it won't work!

2. we open the App setting, go to Apps - Apps and click on the 3 dots on the top right and select "Show System Processes".

4. now we type "Google" and select "Google Service Framework. At the bottom of Memory we select clear the data. One step back and let's force a stop of the app.

5. we open the Google Play Store and force the app to stop.

6. we go back again and click on Google Play Services, at Memory we clear the cache (NOT THE DATA).

7. restart the phone

8. now back to settings - apps - apps - click 3 points and show system processes. Again type in Google.

9. we select Google Play Services and clear the cache at Memory and then also clear ALL DATA at Memory. Last thing we do is force stop the app again.

10. restart the phone once again.

11. now turn off airplane mode and connect to internet. 

12. now open Google Play Store and now there should not be any message saying "Not Google Play Certified Error". All apps should be downloadable and even Youtube, Chrome or Mail should work. Google Pay will probably not work. 

FINAL: Lastly, jump into Settings - Apps and find the LZPlay app (usually at the bottom, the G app). Please uninstall it and now you are done. 

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There is items for comparing.

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