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Questions about payment

Which payment methods do you offer?

You can choose between the following payment methods:

  • Convenient and easy to pay by PayPal and therefore also the option to pay by Visa or Mastercard
  • Flexible and fast with Visa or Mastercard
  • Mobile and convenient with Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Fast and modern with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum
  • Direct with Bank transfer through EPS / P24 / GIROPAY / IDEAL
  • Pay later or with flexible rates through KLARNA

Hi, I'd like to pay in polish PLN. Is it posible? Best regards.

Yes of course

Gibt es Klarna nicht mehr als Zahlungsmethode? Ich würde gerne Kauf auf Rechnung machen, aber die Klarna ist bei ihnen unter Zahlungsarten nicht mehr da.

Klarna ist ab nächster Woche wieder verfügbar

Ich kann mit Klarna auf Rechnung nicht bestellen es kommt immer folgender Text : Leider konnte Klarna deinen Einkauf nicht freigeben. Bitte wähle eine andere Zahlungsart. ....

Das tut uns wirklich leid. Klarna prüft vor der Zahlung, anhand der Daten der Adresse, ob eine Zahlung möglich ist. Wir kennen leider die Prüfmethoden und Kriterien von Klarna nicht. Wenn dies da steht, dann hat Klarna Sie leider abgelehnt. Es tut uns wirklich leid, aber dann haben Sie ja noch die anderen Zahlungsmethoden. 

Do you also offer quantity discounts?

Yes, we are happy to grant a quantity discount for customers with larger orders (more than 3 products). Just contact us before you buy and we will make you an offer.

Can i also pay witch credit card?

Yes, you can pay normally via Visa or Mastercard. The provider Stripe.com handles all our transactions and card verification.

Why are the Paypal fees so high?

We are really sorry, but since Paypal HongKong charges very high fees (8.7%) this would reduce our small profit massively. Therefore we are unfortunately dependent on passing on a certain part of these fees to the customers. All other payment methods are possible without extra fees.

When is a Bitcoin / Litecoin / Ethereum payment confirmed?

Unfortunately this depends on the network. Bitcoin payments usually take 1-10 minutes under normal load. Litecoin and Ethereum payments are usually confirmed faster. However, it can also happen, as with the 2017 hype, that payments take several hours. Don't worry, if there is a timeout and the payment is still sent, we will of course confirm it. 

Klarna invoice already received although the device is not yet there

We are really sorry about this, but Klarna usually sends the bills two weeks after the shipping date. If your device has not arrived due to unwanted delays, the invoice will arrive before the device. Don't worry, just write to us and we will extend the invoice for another two weeks. 

How long does a refund with Visa/Mastercard/Paypal or bank take

Usually a refund takes time: 

Paypal = 1-2 working days

Visa / Mastercard = depends on your bank, but should be credited to your credit card within 1-10 business days

Sofort / Bank = depends on your bank and country, but in Europe the transaction should be completed in 2-5 working days

Bitcoin / Klarna = 1-2 working days

There are items for comparing.

There is items for comparing.

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