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Help, my device has a problem!

The WI-FI switch cannot be pressed? The firmware has many bugs? You want to import the new update, but do not know how? We can help you. TradingShenzhen offers a paid Flash service that is aimed primarily at customers, who do not trust themselves with changing the smartphone operating system. Your old Rom is no longer running, and more and more errors are sneaking in? No problem: we will gladly flash your device to the current operating system. You can choose from a variety of Rom versions (such as Stable, Dev, or third-party) and we'll take care of the rest. The cost of the Flash service depends on the type of error. TradingShenzhen customers benefit from a very reasonable price.

My device is not from TradingShenzhen

Have you purchased a smartphone from another online retailer that can hardly be used anymore? The support does not answer you? No problem! Our Flash-Service is not only available for customers of our online shop. For a processing fee, we will flash your device in Germany or Austria, depending on the country you are from.

This is how it works:

We need some information to help you get your device. We have created a form to help you book the Flash service.

Fast processing

As soon as we have received your device, our hard-working employees will get to work. Depending on the device or manufacturer, a close cooperation between the employee and the customer can be necessary, for example, to unlock the bootloader. However, you will be informed of this at an early stage by our employees. If the device is successfully flashed, it passes through our quality control before it goes back to you. With this step, we ensure that there is no problem with the new Rom.

It does not get any easier

TradingShenzhen offers a large number of tutorials on how to get your device up to date. For most Flash guides, you do not need much technical knowledge, but it is not bad if you want to assign this task to us. We are pleased to help you with our flash service. Our team works hard to make every step as convenient and easy as possible. Your device needs a new Rom? No problem: write us!

*TradingShenzhen is not liable for damage or loss in case op improper packaging, uninsured shipping etc.