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Ninebot S Segway - 22 km range - 16 km/h - EU WAREHOUSE - Xiaomi | Tradingshenzhen.com

Ninebot S Segway - 22 km range - 16 km/h - EU WAREHOUSE

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The Ninebot S Segway offers a range of up to 22 km, reaches a speed of up to 16 km/h, is pleasantly light at 12.8 kg and can be recharged in just 3 hours. Numerous LEDs provide good illumination and visibility. Easy control and app support via Bluetooth. 

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Ninebot S Segway

With a range of 22 km, a speed of up to 16 km/h and a net weight of only 12.8 kg, the Ninebot S is perfectly suited for everyday use in the city. At the same time, the Segway is equipped with numerous safety features and is ideally equipped even for rough terrain. This handy means of transport can be ordered from Tradingshenzhen at a reasonable price.

Ideal for commuting to work

Are you looking for an alternative to the classic bicycle? The Segway could be the perfect solution. No more congested roads and stuffy air in the car. The Ninebot S will take its owner comfortably to his/her destination. With a range of around 22 km, the vehicle is ideal for driving to work or the supermarket. With its dimensions of 548 x 260 x 595 mm and an empty weight of only 12.8 kg, the Segway can also be easily carried up the stairs and stowed behind the office door.

Easy to handle

Never ridden Segway before? This is not a problem, because handling this futuristic vehicle is extremely easy. The built-in gyroscope allows the two-wheeled vehicle to balance itself automatically. The Segway can be steered by simply shifting the weight of the upper body. In just a few minutes, even absolute beginners can master all important functions of the Segway and be able to use the electric vehicle. Additionally the handling of the Ninebot S can be mastered with simple tutorials.

Smart vehicle with smart support

These tutorials are offered in the free app. The handy smartphone gadget can also be used to call up all information such as the current charge status for the Ninebot S. The gadget is also available as a free app. At the same time the LEDs of the Segway can be individually adjusted and stored as desired. Likewise, nearby friends and like-minded people can be found via the app

High quality device

The Ninebot S is made of high quality and at the same time light materials. Despite its compact design, the Segway is designed for people weighing up to 85kg. The tires are particularly resistant and can easily climb even rough terrain. With IP54 certification, splash water is no problem for the vehicle. In combination with the high range, the electric vehicle is ideal for short trips. If the battery should run out of power, it can be recharged in around three hours.

Safety First

In addition to the balance mechanism, the Ninebot S offers other safety features that ensure particularly safe operation. Small LEDs have been installed at the front to reliably illuminate the path in front of the vehicle. The same applies to the rear of the vehicle. This ensures that the Segway remains clearly visible even in the dark.

Segway and go cart in one

Those who find Segway riding too monotonous in the long run will be pleased about the possibility of extending the vehicle. The Ninebot S is compatible with the Ninebot Go-Cart and can be connected to the fun vehicle within seconds. The Segway serves as the drive and its electric motor ensures rapid acceleration.


BluetoothVersion 4.0
Battery310 Wh
ExtrasIP54, LED illumination front and rear
Weight12,8 kg
Dimension548 x 260 x 595 mm
Speed16 km/h
Maximum load85 kg

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The Ninebot S Segway offers a range of up to 22 km, reaches a speed of up to 16 km/h, is pleasantly light at 12.8 kg and can be recharged in just 3...

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