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Aqara Basisstation für Smart Home - Gateway

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Aqara base station for smart home applications. The Gateway is the basis for Smart Home Extension by Xiaomi and is equipped with speakers and night light. Easy control via Mi Home app for Android and iOS. Compatible with Xiaomi Smart Home produtcs.

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Aqara Multifunction Gateway - Base Station for Smart Home

Do you want to set up an intelligent house and are still not sure which system is suitable for it? The concept developed by Aqara could convince you. Because the base station and extensions of the Chinese manufacturer are on the one hand affordable for the small budget. On the other hand, an outstanding price-performance ratio is offered. This not only applies to the base station, but also to the numerous extensions of the system. With these you can build your intelligent home gradually - and without any special knowledge or excessive investments. A smart home for everyone! Xiaomi's Multifunction Gateway is the first step! The gateway is compatible with Xiaomi's Smart Home products.

The first step towards smart home - the base station

The Aqara Gateway is a base station that can be extended with modules of various kinds. This compact gadget coordinates additional sensors and switches. But even without extensions, the Gateway already offers you first practical functions. In the compact housing, a speaker has been installed. You can use this to listen to your favorite online radio stations. In addition, the base station can be used as a night light. The light color is freely selectable. The user has a total of 16 million colors to choose from.

Expand your smart home bit by bit

The Aqara base station for smart home applications is pleasantly compact and is simply plugged into any power outlet. This ensures a continuous power supply and is also the starting point for all Smart Home applications of your system. The communication of the various smart home products takes place via a proprietary radio connection. This will not affect your own Wi-Fi network. In this way, a large amount of smart home products can be networked.

Do away with multiple system solutions - one system for everything!

Do away with different Smart Home concepts. If you want to have a rich set of features, from alarm to temperature sensor, you no longer need to use multiple different and incompatible systems. The smart home solution from Aqara is constantly being expanded and can already boast an exceptionally multifaceted range of functions.

Discover the possibilities of Aqara Smart Home!

Even though numerous modules are already available, the Chinese manufacturer is constantly striving to develop new product solutions that can be used to expand the existing system. Various sensors such as the temperature and humidity meter are already available separately. Even traditional smart home gadgets like the smart power socket that lets you control home appliances and your multimedia center are already on the market. The lighting, on the other hand, can be controlled with the Smart Switch. The same applies to door and window contacts. Products are also offered for these areas. In addition, the portfolio will be extended with extraordinary features such as the doorbell. Last but not least, the Aqara Smart Home system solution can also be used as an alarm system. For this purpose, only the motion detectors already available on the market are necessary. It's cheaper and easier! 

Easy control and setup via app

The core of the Smart Home System is a free mobile App. The software allows convenient management and control of all modules of the system via your smartphone or tablet. Both for iOS and for Android, the App is available. While the communication between base station and expansion modules takes place via its own proprietary connection, you can interact with the base via WLAN. The app accompanies you in the setup and gives helpful tips for dealing with the individual system extensions. This allows the modules to be assigned to specific locations or rooms. The administration and setup is kept simple. Even newbies will find their way quickly with the help of the app.

Weight147 Gramm
Dimension8 cm x 8 cm x 3.7 cm
Scope Of DeliveryGateway, Anleitung in CHN, EU Adapter
Austausch Der leider falsch gelierferte Hub wurde anstandslos umgetauscht. Sehr bemüht, völlig unbürokratisch und schnell. So soll Service aussehen. Danke vielmals
This review has been posted for Aqara Basisstation für Smart Home - Gateway
Aqara Smarthome
Aqara Smarthome Alle Teile sind gut verpackt angekommen. Die Qualität ist Xiaomi typisch sehr gut. MAn muss in der App Festland (China) eingestellt haben, um die Geräte zu finden und korrekt ein zu binden. Es bleibt zu hoffen dass es dann auch deutschsprachige Versionen (vom Pflanzensensor) gibt. Der Bestellverlauf war super genau wie der support.
This review has been posted for Aqara Basisstation für Smart Home - Gateway
Aqara base station for smart home applications. The Gateway is the basis for Smart Home Extension by Xiaomi and is equipped with speakers and night...

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    • Asked by Alois
      on 04/23/2019
      Hallo, die Aqara Produkte sind seit ein paar Tagen auswählbar in der MiHome App auf den EU Servern, kann dieses Hub mit den EU Servern dann verbunden werden oder geht der hier nur mit Mainland China? Danke! Answer:
      Die meisten PRodukte sind nur China Mainland verfügbar, wenn Sie nur Sachen haben, die es auch in der EU gibt, kann man das auch auswählen.

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