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Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart celing light

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The Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart Ceiling Light is equipped with 64 LEDs and can be freely adjusted in terms of light intensity and light temperature. Light intensity of up to 0.1 to 2000 lumens. Color temperature range from 2700K to 5400k. Control via smartphone or tablet. Smart Home Ceiling Lamp.

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Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart Ceiling Light

It’s not just of recent that Xiaomi and Philips started working together on new and innovative lighting products. The Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart Ceiling Light is one of the current achievements of the Dutch-German partnership. A development that can be seen: The ceiling light convinces with a very slim design, adaptable luminosity and luminous color and an intuitive control. In short, with the Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart Ceiling Light, you can create atmospheric lighting in your home - and without much investment or extensions.

Bright moments with great design

The ceiling lamp from Xiaomi convinces with a modern and very flat design. This will not only allow you to use the product for ceiling lighting. Also mounted on the wall, the innovative product from Xiaomi and Philips creates an atmospheric ambience. With a diameter of 58cm and the strong integrated LEDs, rooms with a size of 15 to 20m² can easily be illuminated with just one lamp. Of course, you can combine several MiJia Smart ceiling lights for larger rooms.

Freely configurable light

The Dutch-Chinese co-production can be varied in terms of both brightness and color. With a color temperature range of 2700 - 5400k, you can bring a warm lighting as well as daylight into your own four walls. The light intensity, however, is freely adjustable in the range of 0.1 to 2000 lumens. In this way, you ensure individual and optimum lighting conditions. The Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart Ceiling Light is also equipped with a moonlight function. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere with your loved ones. At the same time, the high brightness of the 64 LEDs makes it possible to provide a museum lighting effect. Furthermore, the smart lamp can also be used as a night light due to its versatile setting options. 

Smart functions even without a separate remote control

Despite its many smart features, the Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart Ceiling lamp is easy to use. The same applies to the control system. Optionally, you can use a remote control that is available separately, which allows you to control the basic functions. But even without accessories you can manage the ceiling light fully. You can use your smartphone or tablet to do this. The free app from Xiaomi, available for Android and iOS, will transmit all inputs via Bluetooth or WLAN to the lamp.


Weight1630 Gramm
Dimension 58 x 58 x 13 cm
Lumen0,1 bis 2000 lm
Schlechte Verpackung
Schlechte Verpackung Leider war bei meiner Lieferung die Umverpackung so schlecht, dass die einzelnen Kartons aller Artikel in dem Paket eingedrückt waren. Die meisten Artikel blieben unversehrt aber eine Deckenleuchte war beschädigt. Die Reklamation wurde zwar schnell aufgenommen aber leider wurde die Schadenabwicklung an mich übergeben, was laut DHL nicht der richtige Weg ist. Nach langem hin und her und vielen Telefonaten meinerseits konnte die Sache dann geklärt werden. Auf die Ersatzlieferung warte ich allerdings heute noch, soll aber inzwischen unterwegs zu mir sein.
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The Xiaomi MiJia Philips Smart Ceiling Light is equipped with 64 LEDs and can be freely adjusted in terms of light intensity and light temperature....

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