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RES2k ZERO - Compact Retro Console

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The RES2k Zero console is an ultra compact retro gaming console. With 6500 retro games on 10 different consoles. The RES2k Zero has a colorful 3 inch IPS display, true-to-the-original buttons, two shoulder buttons and a 1800mAh battery that can be easily charged via USB C. Within 10 seconds boot, the console is ready to use and allows games from Gameboy to Megadrive.

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RES2k ZERO incl. 6500 Games

RES2k Zero

The Res2K Zero is the dream come true for every retro gamer. 10 consoles and more than 6500 games let the golden past of video games flare up again for thousands of hours. The mobile version of the retro console now offers a fast boot process, an internal battery that promises many hours of operation and an even more compact design. The Res2K Zero redefines mobile retro gaming.


More than 6500 Games for your pocket

Moaning children in the back seat when going on holiday?  With the Res2K Zero, both small and large kids are now quiet - for hours if necessary! The selection of retro games is more than impressive. Over 6500 pearls from the dawn of video game history are just waiting to be discovered and played anew. Lovers of classic mega hits such as Tetris, Super Mario Land, Secret of Mana or Zelda will get their money's worth with Res2K Zero.


True treasures in mass

The Res2K Zero combines a total of 10 different consoles. All games can be controlled perfectly with the integrated controls and allow a real retro feeling, which especially makes the hearts of older gamers beat faster. Included are Atari Lynx, FBA320, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Sega Megadrive, Sega Mastersystem, MSX, NES and SNES.


Retro optics, modern technology

Without question, the Res2K Zero is a more than successful homage to the mobile console of the 90s from Nintendo. At first glance, the compact case is reminiscent of the original console. The designers have taken great care to transfer the original look to modern times.  The characteristic control units are located on the front. In addition to four buttons in different colours, the well-known Start and Select buttons have also been built into the case. The same applies to the control cross as well as the on and off switch at the left of the case. In addition to the familiar buttons, two shoulder buttons have been integrated, which have been skilfully concealed from the eye. Thus the retro charm is 100% preserved. At the same time, the games of the current SNES generation can be played without restrictions.


Play like in the old days - just better

Of course, the control units are not just for decoration. The built-in buttons meet modern standards and offer a pleasant pressure point.  They allow an absolutely precise control of the gold pieces of the video game past. The Res2K Zero also offers high-quality hardware in other respects. A 528 MHz CPU is used as the heart of the unit. On the one hand, this allows for absolutely smooth gaming. On the other hand, the console can be booted within only 10 seconds. The internal memory of 16GB is sufficient and offers enough space for the pre-installed games. The SD card extension allows an expansion of the memory by up to 32GB.  

Display, connections and strong battery

Unlike the retro console from the 90's, the Res2K Zero offers a high quality 3 inch display. The IPS panel has a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels and promises a high quality picture. The same applies to the built-in speakers inside the compact housing. Another highlight of the Res2K Zero is the power supply. The internal battery offers a capacity of 1800 mAh, which, thanks to power-saving components, allows for a playing time of 6 to 7 hours. Charging is done via a modern USB-C port.

Info Menu

ATARI Lynx = Select Button

GB, CB Color, GB ASP, FBA320 = Sleep Mode Button

MD, MS, MSX, NES, SNES = Start + Select

Then press Quit or Exit in the menu that opens.

CPUDual 528MHz
Internal Storage16 GB
Memory ExpansionYes (micro SD Card)
Display3.0 Zoll IPS
ExtrasInclusive 6500 Games on 10 Consoles - two shoulder buttons
LanguagesMultilanguage (GE, EN, CH, ES, RUS, FR, amm.)
ConnectivityCharging port (USB-C), Headphone port (3,5mm), micro SD Card Expansion
Weight152 g
Scope Of Delivery1x RES2k Zero, 1X external power cable with USB-C
Running Time6-7 hours
Supported ConsolesAtari - FBA - MSX - NES - SNES - Megadrive - Mastersystem - Gameboy - Gameboy Color - Gameboy Advanced
Nicer Shice
Nicer Shice Ich wollte chon immer mal die ganzen alten Spiele testen. Mit der kleinen RES2k Zero ist dies wunderbar möglich. Versand ging ganz Fix und verpackt war es auch super. Akku war schon vorgeladen. Hinsetzen. Einschalten. Zocken. Perfekt.
This review has been posted for RES2k ZERO - Compact Retro Console
Retrospaß Ich liebe diese kleine Konsole. Mein Vater hat mir damals immer Retro Konsolen geschenkt, damit wir das Retro Feeling erleben können. Dank der RES2K Zero habe ich jetzt fast all meine liebsten Retro Spiele unterwegs mit dabei.
This review has been posted for RES2k ZERO - Compact Retro Console
Bewertung zur RES2k Zero
Bewertung zur RES2k Zero Ich kann sie definitiv empfehlen. Ich finde sie sogar besser als die erste mobile RES2k, auch wenn hier weniger Spiele drauf sind. Top das Handheld.
This review has been posted for RES2k ZERO - Compact Retro Console
The RES2k Zero console is an ultra compact retro gaming console. With 6500 retro games on 10 different consoles. The RES2k Zero has a colorful 3...

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    • Asked by Thorsten
      on 03/21/2020
      Hallo, ab wann ist Zero ab dem EI Lager verfügbar?Danke Gruß Thorsten Answer:
      Wir denken so in 3 Wochen. Wenn Sie jetzt bestellen, ist es wahrscheinlich schneller aus China da.

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