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Retroflag GPi Case - Gameboycase - IPS Display

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The Retroflag GPi Case is compatible with the Raspberry Pi ZERO and ZERO W and is equipped with a 2.8 inch IPS display. Inspired by the Gameboy, the case comes with a speaker, true-to-the-original buttons, two shoulder buttons and a battery compartment. Easy installation within minutes. Play all the games of your childhood in one easy and high quality console. 

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Retroflag GPi-Case

The Gameboy was part of every long journey during the youth days and always provided the best entertainment on motorway trips or while waiting for the flight time in the terminal. The portable console from the 90s has achieved iconic status and continues to be revered by fans around the world. Retroflag has revived the good old days and provided the case that Raspberry fans need to realize their dreams. Tradingshenzhen offers the Retroflag GPi-Case at an affordable price!

Retroflag GPI Case 3

Basis with many possibilities

The GPi-Case is the perfect basis for assembling your own Gameboys. However, when completed, the mobile console will be so much more than that. With the right emulator, this technical gem can be loaded with a variety of games. The data can easily be loaded via an SD card. The case itself is compatible with the Raspberry Pi ZERO and the  ZERO W. The Raspberry opens up unimagined possibilities. The OS Retropie or Recalbox can emulate consoles of any kind. Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced or Gameboy Color are no problem. But even Megadrive, Master System, C64 or Game Gear work smoothly and without problems. Play all the games of your youth on a small console.

Retroflag GPI Case 2

Retro Gamers Heaven

Undoubtedly, the case from Retroflag is a successful testimonial to the mobile console of the 90s from Nintendo. This pretty case looks like the original console even at first glance. The designers have shown a great deal of attention to detail. The characteristic control units are located on the front. In addition to four red buttons, the well-known Start and Select buttons have also been built into the case. The same applies to the control pad and the on/off switch at the top of the case. In addition to the well-known buttons, two shoulder buttons have been integrated, which were skilfully hidden visually. In this way, the Rerto charm remains 100% intact.

Retroflag GPI Case 1

Display, Speaker and Power Supply

In fact, the Retroflag GPi-Case is equipped with a high-quality and fully functional IPS display. This measures 2.8 inches and has a high screen brightness. The speaker is located on the right side of the case, just like the original Retro. For those who don't want the sound to reach their surroundings, they can use the 3.5mm jack port for their headphones. The power supply for the case is provided by a battery compartment, which is ideally equipped with rechargeable batteries. When the device is switched on, a small LED will light up - just like on the Gameboy of the 90s. However, in contrast to the retro device, the case offers a safe shutdown.  


Display2,8 Zoll IPS
ExtrasCompatible with Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W - Safe Shutdown Script - LED Power Indicator
Connectivity3,5 mm Port
Weight183 g
Type Of BatteryAA-Battery

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The Retroflag GPi Case is compatible with the Raspberry Pi ZERO and ZERO W and is equipped with a 2.8 inch IPS display. Inspired by the Gameboy,...

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    • Asked by Tobias Achenbach
      on 08/15/2019
      Hi,ist eine Res2k mobile geplant? Also das GPi Case fertig Konfiguriert mit Pi Zero und Roms?Viele Grüße,Tobias Answer:
      ja, ist in Arbeit

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