Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 / 5 Pro Stylus Pen - 240 Hz scan rate - 8h battery


The Xiaomi Stylus Pen has been optimised for the Mi Pad 5 / Mi Pad 5 Pro, offers a battery life of 8 hours, 4096 pressure levels, two shortcut keys and is connected via Bluetooth. Due to the replaceable soft tip, painters and draughtsmen get their money's worth. The pen weighs only 12.2g and has a length of 152 mm.

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Information about transportation, customs and payment methods
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1 year guarantee | free EU power adapter | all devices are checked before shipping | only originals - no fakes

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 Stylus Pen

4096 pressure levels
8h battery life
2 shortcut keys

Absolute precision with the Xiaomi Stylus Pen

The Xiaomi Stylus Pen is the perfect tool for the Mi Pad 5 for drawing, presenting or simply for convenient control from a distance. The practical gadget from the Far East works absolutely precisely, offers an outstanding battery life, is pleasantly light and can be charged wirelessly directly on the tablet. Perfect for mobile use. Order now from TradingShenzhen.

Precision is everything

Precision is particularly important when it comes to filigree drawings or painting. Xiaomi is aware of this fact and has given the latest generation of the Sytlus Pen a whopping 4096 pressure levels. Thanks to the included replaceable soft tip, even demanding drawing artists can hardly find cause for criticism.

Perfect for mobile use

The stylus pen has been optimised for the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 and is ideal for use when travelling. The built-in battery offers around 8 hours of use. The pen can be charged directly by placing it on the tablet itself. Only 60 seconds of charging are sufficient for a runtime of around 20 minutes. At the same time, the gadget is pleasantly light. The 152 mm long input device weighs only 12.2 g.


The stylus pen was created for drawing and painting. But the pen can also be used in a variety of ways outside of its main tasks. As an input pen to avoid unsightly grease marks, basically all functions of the Mi Pad 5 can also be used with the pen. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the two programmable shortcut keys on the pen, the gadget can also be used perfectly as a remote control.

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Data sheet

4096 pressure levels, 2 shortcut keys, 240 Hz sampling rate
12,2 g
152 mm length
From evangelos | 2024-01-16 12:37:18

will this stylus work with xiaomi mi pad 6 pro?


No, only Mi Pad 6 pen works with Mi Pad 6

From Rally | 2023-05-07 13:39:11

Will this stylus work with a xiaomi notebook laptop? Any of them?



From Valentin | 2022-12-07 20:46:47

Ich habe bedenken zu bestellen denn der Stift ist günstiger als im Xiaomi Shop also hätte ich eine Frage ist der Stift original und ist der Stift auf Deutsch und nicht auf chinesisch


Ja ist er

From Franko Brezac | 2022-08-22 12:34:59

Will this pen (China version) work with my Xiaomi PAD 5 bought in EU (Global Version)? Do you have the pen in white colour?



From Michael Ciesla | 2022-03-01 10:33:48

Kann man mit dem Pen auch das Tablet bedienen? Oder ist der Pen nur dafür da, um einen Screenshot zu erstellen (1 Taste) oder zu zeichnen, wenn eine App zum Zeichnen (welche) geöffnet ist (die andere Taste)?


Natürlich kann man es auch bedienen.

From Felix | 2021-10-26 12:32:27

Funktioniert der Stift mit der globalen Versions des Xiaomi Pad 5 mit 256 GB Speicher?

Gibt es ein 14-tägiges Rückgaberecht?


Ja, sollte

From Paul | 2021-09-27 08:26:42

Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen der Pen auf China und (in meinem fall) dem aus Deutschland/globale version?


Nein, wobei doch. Pen China, lieferbar. Pen Global, nicht lieferbar ;)

From Luca | 2021-09-24 10:04:53

This stylus is compatible with Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus?


No, don't think so.

From Mark | 2021-09-23 12:31:02

How much ms latency does the pen have?

9 ms like the Samsung and the Apple pens?


Sorry, Xiaomi has no information about it.

From Elias | 2021-09-22 17:10:33

Besitzt das Xiaomi Pad 5 in Kombination mit dem Stift eine Handballenerkennung? Denn nur so wäre das Tablet für die Schule geeignet...


Oh, das wissen wir nicht, das müsste man mal in den Reviews nachgucken.

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Alles Perfekt

Lieferung istschneller als erwartet angekommen

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Xiaomi Smart Pen

Ich habe einen xiaomi stylus pen...

Ich habe einen xiaomi stylus pen gekauft diesen habe ich mit Versandkosten günstiger bekommen als im Xiaomi Store. Zudem ist dieser gar nicht in Deutschland verfügbar. Die Lieferung hat natürlich lange gedauert (wird ja auch aus China geliefert) doch sie kam früher an als erwartet. Bin sehr zufrieden!!!

0 1 2 3 4

Faster than I expected

The info in mail said that it will arrive after new year, but it managed to arrive way sooner!
Just some small payment problem, but with fast response from help center everything worked ok at the end.

The pen works fine, nothing damaged.

0 1 2 3 4

The stylus tip is stuck inside

I cannot replace is as part of it is broken and stuck inside






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Other shops have the device with Multilanguage, why don’t you?

Many other shops use Custom ROMs and can also offer German and other languages on the devices. The problem with such ROMs is that you can no longer update and it can often happen that there are Trojans, Spam Ware or viruses on it. We avoid this by using only the official ROMs, even if that means that we can only offer a device with English / Chinese.

Many customers come to us and ask us if we can flash their devices, where we unfortunately have to reject. The Custom ROMs have been installed by detours and often prevent a normal update or flash.

Does the device have a manual?

Most Chinese manufacturers only provide a Chinese short guide, but even renowned manufacturers such as Motorola or Apple do not have complete instructions nowadays. It is generally assumed that you can explore the system yourself, With MIUI or emotion UI you can easily find your way, because both Android manual are quite self-explanatory.

What are dual SIM smartphones?

Dual SIM means that you can insert two SIM cards into a mobile phone. You can use two SIM cards, also from different providers. Thus, for example, you can combine a low-cost data tariff and a low-cost telephone tariff, or use foreign cards if necessary.

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These can then be installed via OTA (Over The Air), or must be downloaded and then installed with the Updater app.

How good is the quality of China Smartphones / Tablets / Gadgets?

This is very different. We have set our goal to only offer high quality devices. We want to avoid mistakes that frustrate customers. China technology has improved considerably over the last few years and heard, as can be seen from the example of Xiaomi, to the best of what is currently available.

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NO, definitely not with us. We pay close attention to the quality of the devices offered by us. With us, each device is checked for errors and installed with the new and current official ROMS. We use the latest official Xiaomi ROMS or Xiaomi.eu ROMS. There are no Trojans, viruses or other malicious software on it.

Many other shops use Custom ROMs and can also offer German and other languages on the devices. The problem with such ROMs is that you can no longer update and it can often happen that there are Trojans, Spam Ware or viruses on it. We avoid this by using only the official ROMs, even if it means that we can only offer a device with English / Chinese.

As also mentioned in the ComputerBild article here, we are called one of the few trustworthy shops.

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