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Xiaomi Piston PRO Edition - GLOBAL

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The new Xaimo piston PRO headphones offer a unique sound quality doubled sound units. Balanced and natural sound quality through the the movin-coil and movin-iron sound unit. The improved design with metal unibody, which you can also find on the controller, provide a premium quality. Because of its special patented form, the headphones sit perfectly in your ears.

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Xiaomi Hybrid Piston Pro Edition

Fans of good music should listen closely to the Piston Pro from Xiaomi, because the small sound wonders promise an excellent sound for the narrow taler. This is reflected not only in the sound, but also in the processing and the scope of delivery. Even when unpacking the small earphones give an absolutely high-quality impression. This is confirmed on the first sound test. So it is no wonder that the series has built a very positive reputation and is one of the most popular in Europe in terms of China Gadgets in 2016 and 2017. Convince yourself and make the test!

No cheap plastic

As with its predecessor, Xiaomi has once again donated a sturdy metal case to the current model. A good decision, because the small ear stud feel very valuable with the metal unibody in the hand. Cleavage or other type of untidy processing are not noticeable. The Chinese manufacturer has also learned about the connection cable: The material sheath criticized in the predecessor model provided for a beautiful look, but also for unsightly nodules, which occurred repeatedly in particular when stowing. The current version therefore dispenses with a corresponding sheathing of the cable, but promises an equally high service life due to the great workmanship.

Wearing comfort

The Xiaomi Piston Pro Edition feels great not only in the hand, but also in the ear. Once put into operation, the small plugs will not be distracting. Despite the comfortable fit, a tight fit is guaranteed. Especially, ambitious runners and sports fans will be particularly happy about this. This is made possible by the custom-fit ear pads, of which Xiaomi delivers several. On the other hand, the small plug is not disturbing due to its low weight. Only 17 grams bring the Xiaomi Piston Pro Edition on the scales. Last but not least, Xiaomi has once again given the earphones the slightly aloof shape that ensures a good fit in the ear.

The scope of delivery

At its best, the Chinese manufacturer also shows the scope of delivery. The packaging box itself already conveys a very high-quality impression. Made of plastic and provided with a transparent casing, the Piston Pro Edition is successfully presented. Thus, the small sound wonders are perfect as a gift. In addition to the headphones there are four pairs of ear pads of different sizes. In the small box, mounts for the pairs in the fits XS, S, and L are included. The pads in size M are already factory-installed on the In-Ears. Furthermore, a practical carrying pouch of the packaging is included. It can be closed with a drawstring and ensures that your in-ear headphones are safely transported.

Well equipped for call during sports

Xiaomi has made sure that you will not miss any important calls during sports. The Piston Pro Edition is equipped with a built-in microphone. The microphone unit is located on the right earphone and is equipped with a remote control. Although it is so compactly constructed, three buttons can be easily pressed and operated accordingly. With these you can start the playlist, pause and navigate between the individual tracks forward or backward - and without taking the smartphone in the hand! The remote works with both Android smartphones and the Apple iPhone.

Hybrid Pro HD Sound

Xiaomi has once again demonstrated this. Inside the metal casing, two sound units are concealed per connector. To provide a balanced sound, the manufacturer relies on a combination of balanced faucet drivers, short BA drivers and dynamic drivers. The former are designed so that they do not displace any external air, which makes the bass appear less dominant. The result is particularly precise and clear heights. The dynamic drivers, on the other hand, provide rich bass and balanced mid-tones.

Weight17 Gram
Headphone TypeIn-Ear
Speaker Impedance32Ω
Cable Length1.25 Meter
Headphones Sensivity98 dB
Connector Type3,5 mm
Frequency Range20-40000Hz
Nominal Output5mW

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Alles bestens
Gute Qualität und Sound. Tiefen könnten bischen besser sein und der Regler am Kabel wäre weiter unten besser aufgehoben.
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Xiaomi Piston PRO Edition - GLOBAL
The new Xaimo piston PRO headphones offer a unique sound quality doubled sound units. Balanced and natural sound quality through the the movin-coil...

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Xiaomi Piston PRO Edition - GLOBAL (32 EUR) 5/51 ratings - 1 advices

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