TWRP Update for Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra / Mix 4

Since many of our customers ordered a Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra / Mix 4 very early and some of them have the Rom (Fastboot version), you can no longer update to the latest TWRP version. shows that there is an update because OTA updates have been activated, but without TWRP, these updates cannot be installed..

We will show you how to install the latest version of TWRP on your unlocked Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra / Mix 4.

IMPORTANT!!! These instructions have been tested by us several times, but we do not guarantee the functionality.

TWRP installation

It is important that you have a Mi 11 Pro or Mi 11 Ultra that is UNLOCKED. You can actually always see this when you start the device and a lock appears at the top, which is open.

Before we start, it is best to make a backup, because after the update all data will be gone. There is a backup function in MIUI. Either to the cloud or on the device itself. There it is usually stored in the MIUI/Backup folder and you copy that to your PC and later back and start the RESTORE process.

1. Boot into Fastboot Mode

First you download the script that fits to your device. Then you boot your device into the fastboot. Just hold the volume down key + power key until the MITU man appears. Now connect the device to the PC. 

2. TWRP installation

Now start the installation of the TWRP on the smartphone with "install_TWRP.bat". The script tells you what to do and after a few seconds the device should boot directly into TWRP. 

ATTENTION! If the device restarts again and again, then you must first perform a wipe (delete all data). To do this, boot into the normal recovery (volume up + power button) and select the first option, then the lower option and then the device should be reset. 

Now you are in TWRP and everything is in Chinese. We first change it by clicking the second button from the bottom on the right (see photos), then on the globe and then on English.. 

Now we go back to the first page with the back button and click ADVANCED. This is a special feature on the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra because otherwise TWRP will not stay on the device. We would need to "inject" TWRP. Just click on "Onkey inject TWRP" here. Confirm everything and now TWRP will stay on the device forever.

Rom installation

You can always find the latest rom on and it is best to download the latest rom there. From then on, you will receive the latest versions via OTA update.

How and which one is the right one? Simply go to the page, click on Stable at the top, select 12.5 or newer and then select one of the two mirror providers. There the latest one with mi11pro_mi11ultra or mix4 in name. Top are newer than bottom ones.

IMPORTANT! Always select the one without fastboot. But from now on there should be no more fastboot versions, so this info will be unnecessary in a few weeks.

1. Data wipe for the first time

We want to have a clean system, this is only necessary the first time. If you get OTA updates later, just install the rom and only do wipe cache. All data will be preserved and nothing will be lost. 

First we click on "WIPE" at the top of TWRP and select "FORMAT DATA" and then we write "YES" and confirm that. This will wipe the memory and your smartphone will be clean as a baby's bottom. 

2. Firmware flash

Now we need the Rom on the device. For this purpose, it is probably connected to the PC via USB and was recognized by the system. We send the ZIP Rom we downloaded from the PC to the device, preferably in the download folder. 

On the smartphone in TWRP we go back completely and click on "INSTALL" in the upper left corner, select the folder where we copied the ZIP into "DOWNLOAD" and click on the ZIP file. Now we just have to confirm the installation and the Rom will be installed. 

Done, after about 2-5 minutes the Rom is installed and we can reboot. The first boot process usually takes 5-15 minutes and then your device should be clean, fresh, new and have the latest rom. This one even has a few advantages over the Global one, as it has all the bloatware removed, a few speed tweaks and there are a lot of translations. 

3. OTA Updates

After you have installed TWRP and the Rom, all further updates will come via OTA. That means you get an info that there is a new update, download it and when you click on install, the system automatically jumps into TWRP mode. There it is often installed automatically, otherwise you just click on "INSTALL" select the downloaded Rom and then the installation process runs. At the end just select "WIPE CACHE" and then "REBOOT" the update is done. All data, apps and settings are retained. 

As a rule, provides updates for as long as Xiaomi, often even longer. 

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