1. Mi Account creation
  2. Mi Unlock Status activation


  1. XiaoMi Tool install
  2. Bootloader unlock

D: Xiaomi.eu Rom flash

  1. TWRP install
  2. Xiaomi.eu Rom install

Xiaomi.eu Rom Tutorial for Mi 10 Ultra

Since most Xiaomi devices are locked/unlocked by default, you need to unlock them first, so here's how to unlock a device, install TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) and then flash the latest Xiaomi.eu rom.

In this tutorial we use the XiaoMi tool for unlocking, because it is very easy to use. We have created a package for you that contains all files, apps and roms.

We currently recommend using the XiaoMi tool, as it allows you to unlock the device easily. After that you only need TWRP and the Rom and you are almost done.

NOTE: We do not give any guarantee on our instructions, but they are in daily use and have been tested extensively.

Mi 10 Ultra Flash Package

(ADB Tools, TWRP, Rom and Xiaomi Tool V2)

DOWNLOAD Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Package



  • The first thing we have to do is create a Mi Account. For this we visit the page https://global.account.xiaomi.com/pass/register
  • Here you have to enter an email address + password, confirm it and log in later.
  • You can also register in the forum http://en.miui.com/forum.php log in with your MiAccount, but you will get a strange page with chinese displayed. Don't be surprised, here you define your forum username.
  • On the Dashboard https://account.xiaomi.com you can then enter a "Recovery phone" number, which you must then confirm. It is not obligatory, but will help you later if you have problems.
  • Our tip, verify your account completely, that means, enter your phone number, your email and if necessary the secret questions "Security Questions".
  • Create Xiaomi Mi Account Tutorial 2
  • Create Xiaomi Mi Account Tutorial 3
  • Create Xiaomi Mi Account Tutorial 4
  • Create Xiaomi Mi Account Tutorial 5
  • Create Xiaomi Mi Account Tutorial 6
  • Create Xiaomi Mi Account Tutorial 7


You can find out how to activate the Mi Unlock status here in our How-To-Video.

  • To make sure you don't get stuck at 90% during the unlocking process, there is a new option in Miui that you need to enable.
  • First of all you have to enter your Mi account on the device and insert a SIM card.
  • Then go to the settings / settings at the top of "My device" (Miui 11) -> "All specs" and click several times on the Miui version number. This should unlock the Developer Mode.
  • You can now find it in the Settings - Additional Settings -> Developer Mode.
  • There you will find the option "Mi Unlock Status" a bit further down. If you click on it, you'll see a small information that the device is still locked.
  • Now simply scroll down to the very bottom and click on the "Add account and device". This will take some time and then you should get a message "Added successfully".


  • But if you got an error "Server not responding" try to log out with your Mi account and log in again with your email address.
  • Mi Unlock Status Xiaomi Tutorial 1
  • Mi Unlock Status Xiaomi Tutorial 2
  • Mi Unlock Status Xiaomi Tutorial 3
  • Mi Unlock Status Xiaomi Tutorial 4
  • Mi Unlock Status Xiaomi Tutorial 5
  • Mi Unlock Status Xiaomi Tutorial 6


1. XiaoMi Tool installation

  • First we start the XMT2_Win_Setup_20.7.28.exe (Windows) / XiaomiToolV2 (Mac) and carry out the complete installation process.
  • During the installation Windows will probably ask you for some rights, confirm them.
  • Likewise, if you do not already have the Microsoft .NET Framework, you must install it.
  • After the installation you can start the program, confirm the disclaimer and select "EUROPE" as zone if you are asked.
  • Xiaomi Tool installieren 1
  • Xiaomi Tool installieren 2
  • Xiaomi Tool installieren 3
  • Xiaomi Tool installieren 4
  • Xiaomi Tool installieren 5
  • Xiaomi Tool installieren 6


IMPORTANT!! Recently it has become impossible to unlock the bootloader directly. Xiaomi requires a minimum time of 7/14 logged in days on some devices. That means you have to be logged in on the device for at least 7/14 days with your Mi account. Just give it a try, you will get a notification how long it will take.

  • We start the XiaoMi tool and select "EUROPE" as the zone if we have not already done so.
  • Next, we confirm the disclaimer and select "My device works normally I want to mod it" on the left.
  • Now the device is searched for and for this we have to switch the smartphone into the USB debugging mode. You can find this mode in the Settings - Additional Settings -> Developer Mode.
  • There you best activate "USB Debugging" and confirm the whole thing. We also recommend to directly activate "Install via USB" and "USB debugging (Security settings)". You will have less problems with this later (if these options are available).
  • Now you connect the device via USB to the PC and usually get a request on the smartphone. You can confirm the message "Allow USB Debugging" and set it to "Always allow from this computer" forever.
  • After that the XiaoMi Tool should recognize your smartphone and start it in bootloader mode and then switch to recovery mode
  • IMPORTANT!! If the device does not start in recovery mode, you can do this manually. Simply press and hold the "Volume up + power button" until the Xiaomi/Redmi logo appears. Then release the "power button" and only hold down the "volume button up".
  • After a short time you are booted into the recovery mode and can select "Recovery" at the bottom of the screen. The XiaoMi tool shows you exactly what you have to do by means of pictures. Confirm the recovery mode by pressing the "Power" button.
  • If you have not yet chosen to unlock the boot loader, please do so. Most of the time the option is at the bottom or is automatically displayed when flashing to a Global Firmware, because that is the basic requirement.
  • Now you have to log in to the same Mi account that is logged in on your device and start the process.
  • Normally the process runs through, restarts the device and the unlock process is displayed in percent on the device.
  • INFO!!If you are not unlocked because there is not enough time, you will get a message telling you how long you have to wait. After that, simply restart the app and start the bootloader unlock process again. After unlocking your device is reset to factory defaults, everything is deleted.
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 3
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 4
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 5
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 1
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 2
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 6
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 7
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 8
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 9
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 10
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 11
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 12
  • XIaoMi Tool Bootloader Unlock 13



INFO! The photos below are of a Redmi 6 Pro, don't worry, TWRP is identical on every Xiaomi device.

  • Now we install the TWRP version for the Mi 10 Ultra. For this we have created a .bat file which you just have to execute.
  • First, please boot the device into the "Fastboot Mode". The easiest way to do this is to hold down the "Volume down + Power button" until you are in Fastboot. Connect the device to the PC and do the rest on the PC.
  • Now you need the TWRP script from us. In the folder TWRP_Script you will find the file "install_TWRP.bat", which you simply click and start.
  • With one click on the enter key on the keyboard it installs TWRP fully automatically and then boots directly into TWRP.
  • If you don't boot automatically into TWRP, you can do this by clicking on
      Restart the unit and hold "Volume up/loud + power button" and then release the power button after a few seconds but still hold the volume up/loud button.
  • TWRP Installation for Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 1
  • TWRP Installation for Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 2
  • TWRP Installation for Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 3


INFO! The photos below are of a Redmi 6 Pro, don't worry, TWRP is identical on every Xiaomi device.

  • You have successfully booted into TWRP Recovery and can operate everything by touch.
  • First you change the language and simply select "English".
  • If you get a message with "Decrypt" next, just click it away.
  • To make sure the ROM and the system are really clean, we first click on "Wipe" and select "Format Data" and confirm this with a "yes". This will format the data partition and your device will be as it is in the factory settings. Now go back to the main screen with the back button at the bottom.
  • Usually, you can also copy the Rom in TWRP to the device. Now you click on Mount and connect the Smartphone to the PC. Windows should recognize it automatically and you can copy the rom from the CustomRom folder "xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10Ultra_V12.0.10.0.QJJCNXM_v12-10.zip" to the device. We recommend the download folder.
  • We have copied the custom rom on the device and can now go back (the back button at the bottom) to the start screen and click on "Install" at the top. Here you navigate to the download folder, select the rom and confirm the whole thing with a Swipe. After 5-10 minutes the Rom is installed.
  • IMPORTANT! After the installation you will be asked if you want to delete the "Cache & Dalvik", click on it and confirm with a Swipe. Be patient now, because the first boot can take up to 15 minutes.
  • Finally, you usually boot into the system and have to activate your smartphone again.
  • First select "Open WLAN settings", connect to the network and then go back.
  • Now select "Activate this device" and confirm your Mi Account password.

Now you have installed the latest Xiaomi.eu. It contains German and offers weekly updates.

  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 1
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 2
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 3
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 4
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 7
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 8
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 9
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 10
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 11
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 12
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 13
  • Xiaomi TWRP Installation Tutorial 14

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