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We make your order special

Click on "Order" to get a new China smartphone, tablet or gadget. That’s the way it is now. Trading Shenzhen has decided to donate 10 cents from every order placed to a charitable organization starting from July 2017. In the course of this permanent action, we will support various institutions by donating 10 cents from each order. It does not matter if you buy a China mobile phone, a screen protector or a new Xiaomi notebook at Trading Shenzhen. We will, of course, communicate transparently which organizations that receives money from us. With every click on "Order" button, it will ensure that our monthly donation amount grow. But do not worry: your purchase price will not increase by this action. You will pay the same amount without additional payment.

Also with cancellation of order

Do you wish to cancel your smartphone order? No problem: Trading Shenzhen will donate the 10 cents of your order anyway. We firmly believe in making the world a better place with our contribution, and we are ready to make this possible even with cancellation of orders. So do not be afraid to cancel your order, despite donation. Of course, you can also ask us to donate part of your refund. In this case, you will decide whether it should be 10 cents or more.

Any questions?

Would you like to know more about our promotion, give suggestions or would you like to participate in a donation without placing an order? Simply write to our support and we will get you in touch with the right person. We look forward to work with you to make the world a better place! Are you still thinking of what to order in Trading Shenzhen yet? Just browse our online shop for China Smartphones, Tablets and Notebooks. We also sell small gadgets, such as USB-Cables, headphones and Mi-Band.

Some of our donations!

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