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TradingShenzhen affiliate program and loyalty points

Loyalty points

Every purchase at TradingShenzhen earns points. For 10 € shopping my 0.1 € gets in loyalty points. These are collected at each purchase and unlocked upon arrival of the goods. In the customer account area you can manage these loyalty points and from a value of 5 € at any time in a voucher exchange. This can then be used in the next order.

Loyalty points are also collected by soliciting friends. More about this in our affiliate program.

Sponsorship program

Any customer with an account and can participate in the TradingShenzhen affiliate program. In the customer account area you will find all important information.

The advertising of partner links on external sites is permitted. For all partners a commission of 2% on the total value of the order, the recruited customer excluding shipping costs. This will be credited to the partner after a successful order process. A change is possible if the customer cancels or adjusts the order.

Every advertised customer who registers successfully will reward TradingShenzhen with 1 € as loyalty points.

A payout is only possible in the form of a voucher. The conversion of loyalty points into a voucher is possible from 5 €.

Bloggers / influencers / Youtubers with reasonable reach and / or audience, as well as target audience and credibility, have the option to pay out to a bank account or Paypal account. Please ask for this by e-mail.

The partner receives different methods to advertise. The individual link can be distributed anywhere. The latter saves a session cookie upon activation, which identifies the newly acquired customer when placing an order.

For each partner, participation is restricted to one partner account.

TradingShenzhen reserves the right to exclude a partner from the Partner Program for non-compliance with the rules. The violation of the user rules leads to an immediate exclusion.

Also, automatic account creation for the € 1 loyalty commission is not allowed. Loyalty points and associated vouchers will not be accepted and orders will be canceled immediately upon the use of such vouchers.